The Racetrack Chronicle

Maggie “Racetrack” Edmondson was an unsung but key player in the events of Battlestar Galactica. Now find out who she was, where she came from, and what happened below-decks on the Galactica in The Racetrack Chronicle. It’s available free, in all major eBook formats, here.


Here’s the blurb:

“Growing up in bucolic Falstone, Picon, Maggie Edmondson looked up at an endless night sky and knew that no matter what happened, the Colonial Fleet was out there. Protecting her. Visits to the aging warship Galactica reinforce her association of the Fleet with a sense of safety and security.

“Six years before the Fall, after a shattering personal tragedy, Edmondson flees to the Poseidon Colonial Military Academy where she is befriended by Abigail Ainslie. Their motivations and personalities seem polar opposites: Edmondson is a withdrawn, bookish, depressed country-girl, while Ainslie seems to be an effervescent, cosmopolitan, and promiscuous Marine-Corps brat. But they become mutual supporters, and after they stumble into a secret that threatens the careers of several prominent officers, they will find themselves assigned to a ship that is no one’s idea of a plum assignment… Except Maggie’s.

“For the next sixteen months, as the storm clouds of the Fall gather around the Colonies, Edmondson is even more blissfully-unaware than most. Sequestered on the Galactica with a ragtag collection of officers and men deemed problem-children by Fleet Command, she is busy falling in love and planning a future. The events of the Fall will shatter this happy bubble and set her on a very different, momentous path.”

If you’ve never watched the show, this book is your way in. It’s a story about a damaged young woman who runs off to something like the United States Naval Academy, and ships out on something like an aircraft carrier, only for war to descend on them just as the deployment winds down. It’s about Maggie and the woman she befriends, Abigail, and how they’ve the same and how they’re different. It’s about duty, honor, faith, and forgiveness. It’s about how people react to failure: About what people do in moments of crisis and how they live with those choices. It’s about love and loss and grief, and about how the same trauma affects different people differently, even sisters. It’s about how people behave at the very end of endurance and whether they can find their way back when they break entirely.

If you watched the show, you already know what it’s about: It’s Racetrack’s story.

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