The family tree

The events of Battlestar Galactica, the Racetrack Chronicle tells us, tragically interrupt what would have been a loving and fruitful Edmondson-Wright romance. Here’s the family tree: Where they came from and where it was going.


Behind the scenes: The Caldwell-Ballantyne-Edmondson side of the family-tree was drawn Summer 2016 to clarify Maggie’s relationship to Col. Caldwell. Most of the names were chosen randomly, but I should say something about Maggie’s mother. “Lucianna” was obviously chosen to doff my cap to Luciana Carro—but, I should underline, was chosen long before any specifics of the character became clear. That character later evolved in ways that are unflattering, so in some ways, I regret assigning that name to that character. But that also points to something no one tells you when you start writing: These things have a way of becoming fixed. Past a certain point, “Maggie’s mama’s name is Lucianna” became a datum baked into the book’s DNA, no more changeable than the color of her eyes.

The Wright side of the family tree came much later. The only fixed point there was that David, like Maggie, is a middle-child. Maggie and David’s three (so far) children are mentioned in passing in the part of the Chronicle which Simon actual finds the most heartbreaking, the “flashforward.” IRL, their names are hat-tips to characters played by Genevieve Buechner (previously Caprica‘s Tamara Adama) and Shiri Appleby on UnREAL (Rachel also does double-duty as one of several Moby Dick references), and Leah Cairns’ character on Travelers. To in-universe those names, I ensured that two of the names are in their family trees. The in-universe origin of ‘Madison’ as the name of Maggie’s firstborn is left unsaid. Another thing that they don’t tell you when you start doing this is how very real these people will become to you. Once that flashpoint is reached, one starts to become weirdly protective of their privacy, feeling that there is only so much information about these people to which readers (or, verily, the writer) should be privy.

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